the smartest and the most capable electronic travel aid for the visually challenged ever made


There are over 15 Million visually challenged people in India. 15 Million people who find it difficult to make it to their education places, work places independently. 15 million people who find it difficult to make a living, to obtain formal education, to run, play, work. 
Here is a vivid dream! can we bring the technology from Live Braille in a very low cost package specifically for third world countries ? Well we made it! Live Braille Mini IN is the world's first wearable electronic travel aid that allows a visually challenged to experience the power of Live Braille at a fraction of the cost. 



The Mini IN is affordable. But most importantly it's the product of the patent pending award wining technology from Live Braille and a patented fully wearable design. It's a product of a technology tested over the last 2 Years in India on over 200 subjects. 


It's now here to change lives. by 2017 every single school going or college going visually challenged will be using Live Braille.


Are you with us ? 


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Mini IN is wearable 'Ring' that allows you to sense above the knee obstacles in 3.5 Meters range around you with a single swype in the air by the sense of touch. 


The Ring uses Immersion 2200 compliant high definition Haptics to convey Direction, Distance and Speed of the object in the direction the user points the ring. 


The very high sensing speeds allow users to literally run freely*. 


unsurpassed quality. trust it with your eyes shut. feel us beside you! 


Mini IN is designed in the USA and manufactured in India. Delivering the best of both worlds every Mini IN passes through 30 Quality checks and accuracy mapping upto 1 Million readings.


Every single device is Computer tested, Simulated and eventually tested by a true visually challenged subject. This yields unsurpassed precision.


No matter what the scenario, you can truly trust the Live braille with your eyes shut!


Live Braille Mini is currently being used by over 12,000 visually challenged individuals across 16 countries. It's also been presented at the global UN meet 2016 as the world's smallest ETA for the blind.

Live braille Mini technology

only wearable


The Mini IN is the only fully wearable ETA (Electronic Travel Aid) that allows you to simply swipe your hand in the air to know in an instant about your environment. Spot obstacles and walk much faster.

Lightest in industry 


The Mini IN weighs a mere 29 Grams. You barely feel the Mini IN in your hand. 


Lightest. Smallest. Loveable! 

Fastest in industry


The Mini IN is true 50Hz. What that means is that the device senses the objects staggering 50 times a second. That helps track the fastest objects including fast moving cars.

3.5M Sensing Range.


The Live Braille Mini IN has a sensing range of 3.5 Meters in Long Range mode and 1.5 Meters in close range mode. This provides you the flexibility to chose how far to look, on the fly.  


Simply. Incredible. 

This is a mock-up. Publish to view how it will appear live.


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